McGovern & Associates provides sophisticated capability in the following areas of practice:


 Mergers and Acquisitions

 Securities (public companies and private investment companies)

 Intellectual Property

 Corporate and Partnership Joint Ventures

 Capital Formation

 Technology Transfer/Licensing

 Tax Planning (business and personal)

 Real Estate

 Patent Enforcement


 International Law

 Environmental Regulation


 Promotion and Sports Law


 Litigation Risk Analysis and Settlement


We advise and represent clients in diverse business matters from the problems of emerging growth companies to those of mature companies, both public and private. To provide a personal dimension to our services, we have attorneys experienced in real estate, taxation, trusts and estates.


Our attorneys have an average experience level of approximately 18 years practicing in various specialties of corporate law. As a result, we provide efficiencies in turnaround time and cost that a large firm cannot provide. We also have extensive experience in international law and taxation and our clients have concentrated business in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea.