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Welcome to The McGovern Law Newsletter

A note from Mike McGovern, Managing Partner 

We’re proud to announce that our firm recently celebrated its second anniversary! Like so many of our startup and entrepreneur clients, our first couple years were exciting, rewarding, and, at times, eye-opening. In a way, having gone through it ourselves and experienced so many of the same joys and pains, and ups and downs, as our clients, we have been able to provide enhanced legal counsel to our clients because we have a first-hand view. 

Among several new features and campaigns we’re rolling out, we’re excited to send out our first-ever newsletter. Each newsletter is intended to inform you about firm updates, pricing specials and announcements, recent news and changes in the law that may be of interest or relevance to you, and upcoming filing and similar reminders that may be helpful in keeping you in compliance. 

In this edition, we’re excited to introduce three new members of our legal and operations team, share that we’ve adopted an emerging piece of technology to the law firm scene, and announce a discounted pricing special for Phantom Equity Plans during the month of November! 

 Most importantly, we want to give each of you a sincere “thank you” for your continued support of McGovern Law. As always, please feel free to reach out for our assistance with your startup, entrepreneur, and investor legal needs. 

 Best Regards, 

Mike McGovern 

Managing Partner 

Firm Announcements 


Welcomed Senior Attorney: E.N. Haprn 

 McGovern Law is thrilled to announce the addition of Senior Attorney, Ebonee (E.N.) Haprn. E.N. comes from an impressive background of some of the country’s largest law firms and legal departments (including Warner Music). Her practice centers around mergers and acquisitions, investor financing arrangements, and a variety of standard and bespoke agreements for clients in all areas of business law, entertainment law, and beyond, including music, television and film, literary, gaming, podcasts and new and digital media services. E.N. can be reached at [email protected]


Welcomed New Executive Assistant: Chelsi Evans

We also welcomed our new Executive Assistant, Chelsi Evans. Chelsi earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Legal Studies from Ithaca College. She enjoys assisting both attorneys and clients with all the firm's needs and is an integral part of what we do here. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, feel free to reach out to Chelsi any time you need help scheduling a meeting or call with one of our staff, answering your billing questions, or have any general administrative questions or needs. You can reach her at [email protected].  

Welcomed Chief Operating Officer (COO): Marc Swearengin 

As our firm grows and scales, so does our need to bring a law firm operations expert to the fold. On that note, please welcome Marc Swearengin to McGovern Law as our Chief Operating Officer. Marc has accumulated a wealth of operations experience with startups and businesses over the years. Marc was a no-brainer for McGovern Law because of his proven expertise in serving as COO for law firms, helping them grow and become more efficient, ultimately for the betterment of not only the firm itself and our staff, but also for our clients. Marc has already made a significant, positive impact on how we operate and serve our clients. We’re honored to have him on the team. 

Implementation of CRM and Project Management Software Designed Specifically for Law Firms 

For whatever reason, the legal industry is one of the slowest adopters of new technology.  This is something that has frustrated us (and our clients) for far too long. After a whole lot of vetting, kicking tires, and looking under the hoods of half a dozen project management and CRM solutions, we found one that is designed specifically for law firms. This new software will help us better assist our clients through more streamlined processes. We officially completed implementation of the new system last month and are already seeing reductions in project turn-around times. 

Special November Pricing 

For Phantom Equity Plans 

For the entire month of November, we will be offering special pricing on Phantom Equity Plans. Please inquire for additional information. 

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  New Payment Option 

Affinity Payment Option 

At McGovern Law, we are always seeking out ways to better serve our clients. We are now offering more flexible payment options through Affirm, which allows you to pay for our legal services over time (in certain cases, at no interest). If you are in need of a payment plan through Affirm, please inquire for more information


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